Men’s Precisionist Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch 96B175

bulova watch repair

This watch from Bulova is being promoted the company to be the most accurate watch in the world. The second hand of this watch ticks continuously and helps to keep time efficiently. Most of the average quartz based watches are accurate to the degree of 15 seconds per month. This precisionist watch is accurate till 10 seconds per year. All this is happening to owe to the rapid advancement in technology. This watch has water resistant till 300 meters. The chronograph which is present in this watch is also extremely advanced and accurate up to 1/1000th second.

This watch is enclosed in a case of stainless steel, and the bracelet too is made of the same material. This watch is extremely accurate in terms of keeping the time as well as remaining resistant to water.

This strong looking watch is a symbol which men in powerful positions can show off. It’s water resistant feature up to 300 meters allows it to remain submerged in shallow depths of water.

This watch has been termed by many users as a beast. It’s simply loaded with features and quality components. The only qualm that some people with weak eyesight have been that with all the criss-cross chronographic details present in the watch, it sometimes becomes difficult to make out the time.

If you need help with fixing your watch, trust a professional.

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